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  • Factory Supply Pure Natural Raspberry Ketone Raspberry Fruit Extract

    Short Description:

    (1) English name: Raspberry Ketone

    (powder & granular)

    (2) Specifications: 4%-99%

    (3) Extraction source: Fruit of raspberry

    Product Detail

    Product Tags


    (4)Indications and uses:
    It has the effects of nourishing the kidney, strengthening the essence, reducing urine, and has a raspberry fragrance. Therefore, it is widely used in the fields of perfume preparation, food addition and cosmetics fragrance adjustment, and has the effect of increasing fragrance and sweetening.


    (5)CAS number: 5471-51-2; molecular formula: C10H12O2; molecular weight: 164.201

    Why us?

    ●?Made in China, using own planted raw material to make premium products

    ●?Fast lead times

    ●?9 – step quality control process

    ●?Highly experienced operations and quality assurance staff

    ●?Stringent in-house testing standards

    ●?Warehouse both in USA and China, fast response

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    Typical COA: Specification 98%

    ??Item ??Specification ??Result ??Method
    Basic Product Information
    Country of Origin China Conform /
    Marker Compounds
    Raspberry Ketone >98% 99% GC
    Organoleptic Data
    Appearance crystals Conform NLS-QCS-1008
    Color White Conform GB/T 5492-2008
    Odor Characteristic Conform GB/T 5492-2008
    Taste Characteristic Conform GB/T 5492-2008
    Process Data
    Solvent(s) Used Ethanol & Water Conform /
    Drying Method Drying Conform /
    Excipient None Conform /
    Physical Characteristics
    Solubility Soluble in Ethanol\ Conform Visual
    Particle Size (80 mesh) >95.0% Conform GB/T 5507-2008
    Moisture <3.0% 0.44% GB/T 14769-1993
    Ash Content <3.0% 0.63% AOAC 942.05, 18th
    Solvent Residue None Conform NLS-QCS-1007
    Heavy Metals
    Total Heavy Metals <10 ppm Conform USP <231>, method II
    Arsenic <1.0 ppm Conform AOAC 986.15, 18th
    Lead <1.0 ppm Conform AOAC 986.15, 18th
    Mercury <0.5 ppm Conform AOAC 971.21, 18th
    Pesticide Residue
    666 <0.2ppm Conform GB/T5009.19-1996
    DDT <0.2ppm Conform GB/T5009.19-1996
    Total Plate Count <10,00cfu/g Conform AOAC 990.12, 18th
    Total Yeast & Mold <100cfu/g Conform FDA (BAM) Chapter 18, 8th Ed.
    E. Coli Negative Negative AOAC 997.11, 18th
    Salmonella Negative Negative FDA (BAM) Chapter 5, 8th Ed.

    Packing and Storage

    Packing: 25kgs/drum. Packing in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside.

    Storage:Store in a well-closed container away from moisture, sun light, or heat.

    Shelf Life:2 years.

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